Our Story

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”
– Heraclitus

“You better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone.”
– Bob Dylan

What We Do

We help clients achieve positive change for themselves and for their teams

Who We Are

We are a consulting group specializing in executive and team development. As members of the consulting profession and as former corporate executives, we are highly experienced in the field of professional and executive performance and development and the requirements for executives and teams to continuously adapt in a world of constant and accelerated change.

Prior to founding The New River Group,  each of us held executive roles for a number of years in global Fortune 50 Corporations and professional services firms and we each subsequently built and managed our own successful individual consulting businesses. In our executive roles, we successfully led global teams during years of rapid growth and significant change.  We came to know each other several years ago when we worked together as members of the leadership team of the Alliance for Strategic Leadership, the global consulting and coaching group founded by Marshall Goldsmith and then as members of the original team of Marshall Goldsmith Partners, LLC, the premier executive coaching firm, when it was founded in 2004.  Since then we have specialized in partnering with clients in the focused development of their key leaders and high potentials. We possess advanced certifications in the Goldsmith Coaching Process, have deep experience developing other coaches and are the designers of the foundational Marshall Goldsmith Partners Leader as Coach training program to support leaders in developing critical coaching skills. Our combined strengths ,practical approach and years of leading organizations through significant change enable us to provide services to our clients that are customized to their needs, consistent with their strategy and culture, and deliver desired results.

Our Philosophy:  Change is the only Constant

Development is a natural process that is always flowing forward.  The concept of the ‘New River’ appealed to us because it so accurately represents the continuous possibilities available to and inherent within each of us. Change is a process of “becoming” something new. While we are sometimes aware of significant external changes when they happen, we are not always aware of small changes around us that eventually lead up to  them. Many of us have the experience of standing in one place, so to speak, happily living our lives and going  about our business and then turning around one day and seeing ourselves as “suddenly” older or in a career  that we “fell into.”

As human beings, our survival has always depended largely on our ability to see the universe as a stable, predictable place and to try to exert control over anticipated outcomes.   While predictability is still important,  it is not always possible. The only thing we can truly predict with any accuracy is that things will change. Therefore, the key to survival and prosperity is not just predictability—it is the ability to respond to, take  advantage of, and be resilient in the face of change.  This involves changing ourselves to become expert, not just in the art of predictability, but in the art of resilience as well. We are on the river.  We can decide to stand, float, or swim. Each action yields a different result and opens up or closes off a path. It is the nature of the river that we can never know for sure what is ahead. It is our own nature that we have tremendous capacity to adapt.