Our Services

“Change before you have to” – Jack Welch

We Specialize in Executive and Team Development

Our services are designed to help executives and their teams navigate the currents of their own lives and the arenas in which they operate and to develop the readiness and capability to anticipate, influence, drive and take advantage of change.  Our approach takes into consideration both the history and the desired future of the individual or groups we are working with.  We help our clients focus on maintaining continuity at the core and on identifying and implementing the key adaptations that will yield the most benefit in terms of the desired future state.  We offer services in three key areas:

Executive Coaching

We provide targeted behavioral one on one coaching services to clients to support critical change goals. Our coaching process includes assessing individual effectiveness,  styles, skills, and capabilities to create greater self-awareness and a foundation for  change. Our process is Stakeholder Centered. Stakeholders are those who are in a position to be impacted by, contribute to, and evaluate the success of the executive in these areas—thus, they have a stake in the success of the executive. They can include superiors, peers, reports, and internal and external customers. The underlying rationale in a stakeholder-centered process is that success for any executive in any organization is based on his or her understanding, adapting to and fulfilling the expectations of “stakeholders” in the following areas:

  • Contribution to the achievement of the overall long-term strategy and vision of the organization.
  • The operation of his or her role in terms of day-to-day behaviors and results delivered.
  • Consistency with the culture and values of the organization

See a detailed overview of our coaching process HERE.

Talent Development Processes and Programs

We provide individual and team skill-building and hands-on practice clinics for development of key capabilities.

Strategic Meeting Design and Facilitation

We design and facilitate strategic meetings such as corporate retreats, planning and decision-making groups, project team kickoffs, innovation and problem solving sessions, and large-scale change and communications initiatives that accomplish objectives and build capability at the same time.   We design and facilitate processes to guide individuals and teams in looking at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and competitive position to define purpose, mission, vision, values, goals, strategy and key actions to drive achievement.