Our Clients

Our clients include large multinational companies and small and medium enterprises in a variety of industries and in all stages of development from start-ups to mature industry leaders

Here is what some of our clients have to say about working with us:

Senior Vice President
Brokerage, Banking and Financial Advisory Services

“Finding a coach or advisor like Marsha, who will be straight with you, who will help you focus your thinking, who will listen—really listen—to what you have to say and perhaps more importantly what others have to say about you… and can feed that back to you in a way you can really understand and do something with—is rare in my experience. She provides practical, down to earth advice and uses simple but disciplined processes to drive and maintain focus. She is creative at helping you look at things from a different angle and gain a different perspective. That really has a leapfrog effect on getting results. Over the years I have been working with Marsha, she has consistently helped me and other senior leaders in my organization to make real changes that had a direct impact on our own success and the success of our business.”

Managing Director
Multinational Technology Corporation

“I was a Senior Executive at a global financial institution and now one at a multinational
technology organization. I have worked extensively with Marsha both in bringing coaching to my global $2B organization and on an individual level. She is disciplined in utilizing a proven process to help you drive needed change but is flexible enough to adapt the system to your situation and your needs. She is an excellent listener -someone who helps you bring clarity to your ideas and makes you think through situations realistically. She really gets the context of how you are operating and what your issues and priorities are. She challenges your thought process and makes you work on yourself to be open to new ideas and new ways of behaving. She helped me focus on what was really important to me and to others around me and has helped me drive growth and change both in myself and in my organization.”